Sofe Tea opened its first store in Sweden in 2021, during which time the pandemic overwhelmed most of the service sector. Within a short period of time the brand established itself in Malmö, while attraction attention from many customers, especially amongst young people.


Bubble milk tea is for people of all ages, with the soul and spirit of a youthful style. By having a clear goal in mind, Sofe Tea strive after bringing the highest value to our customers with low overhead while maintaining superb quality and experience through a selection of top-quality ingredients.


To create an excellent and consistent experience with great value for our customers, every cup of tea is made inhouse with care from the ground up using freshly sourced raw ingredients of the highest quality.


Dedicated to deliver freshness and top quality, toppings such as sugar pearls and black jelly are made fresh every day.

The topping ingredients are all tested to meet EU quality standards, ensuring no preservatives and are non-toxic.

Our products are made using Brown Sugar Black Pearl Tapioca mixed with a wide selection of plant-based lactose free milk made with soy, almond or rice. They are not only good for health but also taste delicious

In addition, a special element of our concept consists of importing raw materials from the famous tea production region in Vietnam

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